Frequently asked questions (F.A.Q)

 has been design so that the creation of new cards games are extremely easy, almost clicking once you have clear the images for the game.

However, the site has its own rules and we encourage you to read the Terms of Use for any doubt.

Here you have the most frequently asked questions.

If you got any doubt, you can use the contact form for any clarification.

Is it free to register at and create cards games?

Absolutely yes, in any user can register and create its own cards games, both public and privates, always keeping the Terms of Use of the site, just common sense when creating the cards.

How many games can I create?

The site is currently in beta and it is being improved continuosly. Each user can create up to ten games due to the cost of maintenability of the site (hundreds of users and huge number of files to store and manage). We are working in comercial model to allow us to keep offering free the tools for the creation and edition of cards games from all users.

Don't doubt in supporting the site in any way you can.

What type of content can I include in the cards game I build?

When you publish a new cards game, though it is shown inmediatly, we check the content of the game. It is explicity forbidden erotic o pornographic content, that violates religious freedom, race or creed, such as it is indicated in the Terms of Use of.

In the same way, if receives an explicit request from any author or organization indicating violation of any copyrights, the game will be removed.

How long the games will be storaged at the site?

While the user shows any activity in the site, the games will be always available; if the user doesn't connect to the site within one year, his or her account will be deactivated and the games removed. In that case, the user will be mailed before the site takes this action. Keep in mind that  supports costs to guarantee the availability of the games.

I like a game created by my own, can I order its printing with comercial quality?

Not only you can, you have to! You can download the PDF of the game at any time; however, from we are working to enable the option to send you your games with professional printing. We are in beta an currently we are working in the development of the comercial model for the site.

I love , how can I support this project?

You can support this porject making a donation with the ammount you want; that money will be used only and exclusively in the development of the site and to develop new amazing features.