Kind of games

You can create any kind of cards games and to do that we put at your disposal a site for its design.

The site makes this task very easy and fun; to do that you have available some game wizards to create kinds of pre-defines cards games (pairs and doubles games) as well as a general type to create any sort of cards games.

And that's the main novelties of!, given that you only have to design the images for the cards and the site generates the cards with them in a ready-to-print PDF document.

Basic game

In this kind of game you include just one image per card. You got to design the image previously o you can find the icons or pictures you can need for the game.

With this kind of game you can create virtually any cards game you could imagine, fitting to the number of cards choosen.

Games of 8, 16, 24, 32 รณ 40 cards.

Pairs game

In a pairs game there exists always two cards repeteated.

We provide an easy wizard so that the PDF file ready-to-print includes two copies of every card; however, you can make modifications in each card individually.

Though this kind of game are used to improve memory skills (like memo games) its use is so broad as your imagination wants.

Currently you can create pairs games of 8, 16, 24, 32 or 48 cards.

Doubles games

This is an amazing game: for each pairs of cards, there exists always one figure that matchs!.

There are some ways to play with this game, like setting three cards in each round.

The complicated work to create this kind of game is to know how you have to distribute the images in each card, but don't worry, in we have solved the hard mathematics work for you and you can create doubles games for 7, 13, 21, 31, or 57 cards.

...and we'll keep working

We work to improve continuosly, thus in the next months we'll provide more and betters wizards, new features and improvements to create more kinds and amazing of cards games for sharing.